A downloadable game for Windows

Backyard Bash is a multiplayer brawl game focusing on imaginative child's play. Neighborhood kids battle it out in the backyard, using their imagination to transform everyday objects into extraordinary weapons.

Play with up to three other friends in this crazy backyard bash. Choose your weapon and pick your hiding spot, because the backyard is about to turn into a no-holds barred fight. Find special items and objects around the backyard, but be careful, they might just backfire! The one with the most fun at the end of the bash is the ruler of the backyard.

Backyard Bash is a student project that was developed by a team of ten game design students over the course of one semester for Game Design Workshop at the University of Central Florida.

Install instructions

Download and unzip the file.

The .exe is located at:


The game requires USB game controllers to play.


BackyardBash.zip 212 MB